Heer Im Focus Edition Nr. 1
Nederlandse versie

Editor in Chief: Axel Urbanke 
Publisher: Luftfahrtverlag - START
ISBN: 978-3-941437-56-2
Published: 2023
74 pages, soft cover, German/English
Price: 28,80 euro.

A while ago someone pointed me to the publications of Luftfahrtverlag-START about various German military units during the Second World War, Heer Im Focus (the army), Luftwaffe Im Focus (the Air Force) and U-Boots Im Focus (submarines), of which versions of Luftwaffe and U-Boots have been published earlier. Although the Second World War is not my main area of interest, I was struck by the "Glossy look" of all the publications. In this case, the first edition of Heer Im Focus and the promised content.

The publisher indicates that it wants to bring as many new, unique previously unpublished photos as possible, especially with a history attached to them, but also unique stories, information about units with everything that goes with it. My first impression is that the editor Axel Urbanke succeeds very well in this new edition of Heer Im Focus.   
The history level is big, but there is also attention for to the modellers. The latter, for example, can find an extensive article on camouflage schemes in this issue about snow stripe diagrams Many (colour) photos offer interesting subjects for dioramas. A splendid example is the one on pages 8-9, which shows a Leutnant with one foot on the footboard of a Wanderer W 240/250 convertible, during the opening phase of the advance to the Eastern Front. Those who use figures in their builds/dioramas, or even paint stand-alone figures, also have a wealth of detail to make use of. A great example is that of the camouflage of a helmet with a real cabbage leaf.

"Photos with a history" makes up the bulk of the content, about 40 pages. Highlights, in my opinion, are colour photos of a Pz.Regt. 18 Panzerbefehlswagen III leaving the river Bug after crossing the river. Panzer IVs from the same unit are also shown in black and white, again with interesting detail on and of the tanks, while excellent photos of a pontoon bridge provide additional diorama inspiration. Different styles of Pz. Rgt. 18 unit badges are also shown, via close-up photos and colour illustrations. Fans of heavier armour will enjoy the article of the Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 505 King Tiger 'Black 112', while motorcycles also part of the content, via photos of a single motorcycle and two sidecar combinations. All photos have extensive captions and several maps are depicted to provide background/context.

This 74-page softback is full of previously unpublished photographs and covers various topics in a similar way; titles in this issue include Bearer of the Knight's Cross, Vehicles of the Wehrmacht, Photographs with a Story, Photos of Camouflage Schemes, Emblems and Motorcycles.

It's a treat for anyone interested in World War II history and any military modeler with a penchant for German subjects, be it armoured vehicles, soft skins, figures, or dioramas. There are many colour photos attached (not colorized). The uniform details of the soldiers are also fascinating, in terms of colour and style.
Along with other articles, all of this has been designed and printed with the usual START flair and quality, the content guaranteeing information on both war materiel and the human element. For me, as not being a specialist in this field, I read the content as much as possible with more than usual interest and am surprised that so much unknown material is still being unearthed by this publisher.
Highly recommended for every modeler of these subjects and for the "history buffs" The Magazine is available directly from Luftfahrtverlag-START.

Thanks to Luftfarhrtverlag-START for providing the review copy.

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