DUTCH DECAL DD48078 Dutchies in the RAF/FAA part 2. English


Publisher: Dutch Decals
Decal sheet
Scale 1/48
Published: 2020
Price  euro 15,95.

When I have to write a review about decals I always have something like "what should I tell about it?" It is good or less good, bad or with annoying mistakes. What would I like to know myself? Well, importantly, which models do I need to be able to use the decals? Do I need extra decals? What exactly are the subjects outside of the images on the cover of the description and what is the quality.

Well, the latter, the quality, that's fine with Dutch Decal. Also on this set I have not been able to find any faults and it continues to fascinate me how Luuk Boerman manages to arrange a set in such a way that everything fits on it and almost every piece of paper is used. Undoubtedly this has to do with the choice of subjects, but certainly also with his qualities in the field of layout. 

The subject, interesting, with a Dutch touch just like in part 1, Battle over Holland and the What if set. In other words, here too you can color outside the lines if you basically only build "Dutch". In this case it concerns aircraft of the RAF and FAA flown by Dutch pilots, 322 Sqn (Dutch) RAF and LETS Deelen 1946 with Dutch rosettes. Please note that these Dutch rosettes are not on this sheet, as are the yellow-rimmed RAF decals. Often you have to use the decals supplied with the model. The Dutch rosettes from the spare box or from the special Dutch Decal set.
Let's take a good look. If I am right , all special letters, numbers, registrations and other characters etc. can all be found on the sheet.

Which devices you can add to your collection:
Spitfire F. Mk. IIa FY-V/P8607 “Palembang” RAuxF Theo Buijs – Eduard
Spitfire F.Mk. Vb. NL-A/BL580 RAF G.H. Abspoel – Eduard
Spitfire F.Mk. Vb VL-P/B<515 “Prinses Beatrix” 322 RAF – Eduard
Spitfire LF.Mk.IX. 3W-K/MJ360 322 RAF – Eduard
Spitfire LF.Mk.IX 3W-B/MK265 322 RAF – Eduard
Spitfire F.Mk.IXe 5R-A/PL255 RAF Jan Linzel – Eduard
Spitfire F.Mk. XIVc VL-P/NH700 322 RAF – Academy
Spitfire F.Mk. XIVc VL-G/NH7686 322 RAF – Academy
Spitfire F.Mk. XIVc 3W-W/RM740 322 RAF – Academy
Spitfire LF.Mk. XVIe 3W/? “Nick” 322 RAF – Eduard
Spitfire LF.Mk.XVIe 3W-G/RB147 322 RAF – Academy
Spitfire LF.Mk.XVIe 3W/TD137 B. vd Stok 322 RAF Academy
Spitfire LF.Mk.XVIe 3W-M/RK840 322 RAF – Eduard
Mosquito FB.Mk.XIII ME-T/HK365 RNZAF sqn RAF – Tamiya
Mosquito FB.Mk.XIII ME-Z/MM515 Christian Vlotman RNZAF sqn RAF – Tamiya
Spitfire FR.Mk.16e 06/TD402  LETS, Deelen – Eduard
Spitfire FR.Mk.14e MT853 LETS, Deelen  - Airfix
Hellcat I. K7-5/JX730 FAA Harry Moekardanoe – Eduard
Hellcat II BB-H/JX688 FAA Gerard Zegers de Beijl -
Hellcat II PR JV228 FAA Chris Verhey van Wijk
DH-82 Tiger Moth 9/FJJE/T7917 RAF Gerard Burgers – Airfix.

I would say the choice is huge! 

The color supplement with diagrams gives a bit of history about the use of the aircraft and some color instructions.

A separate topic but rightly chosen to publish. For the modelers purely focused on Dutch subjects a good opportunity to go "wrong" but still remain Dutch. Of course just as interesting for every model builder.
With this decal sheet from Dutch Decal not every device can be completely built, so pay attention so quality as we are used to from Dutch Decal. I'm going to find me some of the models to build.

Thanks to Dutch Decal for making it available for review.


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