Dutch Decal DD72096
334 Transport Squadron, C-47, F-27 Troopship, Gulfstream  English


Publisher: Dutch Decals
Decal sheet
Scale: 1/72
Published: 2020
Price: 15,00 euro.

334 Squadron of the Royal Netherlands Army has a long history. That history is more or less given with this set. We go from the C-47 Skytrain via our own Fokker F-27 Troopship to the jet era with the Gulfstream.

C-47B X-17/ZU-17 334 sqn Ypenburg 1957 – Airfix
C-47B X-18 334 sqn Boroekoe/Biak 1962 – Airfix
Fokker F-27-300 Troopship C-5 334 sqn Eindhoven 1996 grey – Airfix/ESCI
Fokker F-27-300 Troopship C-5 334 sqn Soesterberg 1988 grey/green – Airfix ESCI
Fokker F-27-100 Troopship C-4 United Nations Ypenburg 1996 white – Airfix
Fokker F-27-300 Troopship C-4 Eindhoven white – Airfix
Gulfstream G-IV V-11 334 sqn Eindhoven 2019 – A Model

Over the years we get more and more opportunities to complete our Dutch model fleet (even in multiple scales) certainly also thanks to Dutch Decal, only over the years they also disappear, unfortunately. You should therefore not be surprised if, for example, that you have pay 50.00 euros for an Airfix F-27. Hoping for re-issues from anyone and preferably with new-tools!

With this set you can not build all versions that are drawn on the manual, but at least 1 of each type where the F-27-100 United Nations is also a type can be build. Maybe with the help of the other Dutch Decal sets on roundels and letters there will be more possible.

Thanks to Dutch Decal for making it available for review.

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