Dutch Decal DD4808 Battle over Holland May 1940 - Allied support of the BelgianAF, FrenchAF and RAF English

Publisher: Dutch Decals
Decal sheet
Scale 1/48
Publisher 2021
Price euro 15,95.

A special but fun and attractive idea for a decalset from Dutch Decals.
I knew the fact that in the May days the Netherlands received support, but I never really looked for it. This decal sheet makes it visible. Because I decided with my deteriorating eyes and thick fingers to only build 1.48, this sheet certainly piqued my interest. It offers the builders of only Dutch subjects to color outside the lines with some more "popular" models such as the Spitfire, Hurricane and Blenheim for example. In my case, I have to frantically search to adjust my stash.

What are the possibilities:
Spitfire PR 1B N3069 RAF - Eduard
Gloster Gladiator G-19 Belgisch Militair Vliegwezen – Eduard
Wellington Mk 1a N2985 RNZAF – Trumpeter
Blenheim Mk If L8679 RAuxF – Airfix
Blenheim Mk. IV L8856 RAF – Classic Airframes/Airfix
Hurricane Mk.I N2556 – RAF - Airfix
Defiant Mk I L6970 RAF - Airfix
Morane Saulnier MS 406C nr.549/N1867.3 Armee de L’air – AZ Models

The color supplement with diagrams gives a bit of history about the use of the aircraft within and / or above the Netherlands and some color instructions.
With this decal sheet from Dutch Decal, any aircraft can be completely built, with the exception of the aircraft with a yellow bordered RAF rosette, but the model already provides for that. Four of these rosettes are located on the sheet intended for the Blenheim L8697.  

The quality of the decal sheet is excellent, as we can expect from Dutch Decal. I have not been able to find a (printing) error, nor under the microscope and that is also allowed with 36 years of experience.

A separate topic but rightly chosen to publish. For the modelers purely focused on Dutch subjects and good opportunity to go "wrong" but still remain Dutch. Of course just as interesting for every model builder.
Quality as we are used to from Dutch Decal.

Thanks to Dutch Decal for making it available for review.

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