Dutch Decal DD48081
CW-21b/22, Beech Navigator, Bolkow Bo-105, Hawker Sea Hawk, F-86 Sabre English

Publisher: Dutch Decals
Decal sheet
Scale: 1/48
Published: 2022
Price:  15,95 euro.

I have already written about this set in my first impression of the Dora Wings ESM Curtiss CW-21B. Now it has been around for some time and with an interesting combination with other aircraft.  The set offers you a lot of possibilities.

CW-21B Interceptor van Dora Wings ML-KNIL
- CW-363, pilot Haye 2e Vliegtuig Groep IV 1941
- CW-357, pilot Hermans, 2e Vliegtuig groep IV 1941
- CW-366, pilot Blans 2e Vliegtuig groep IV 1941 
Curtiss CW22 Falcon, CF-465 1e Vliegtuig groep ML-KNIL 1941 – Dora Wings
Beechcraft TC-45J 085V MLD NAS Valkenburg – ICM
F-86F FU-384 32th Fighter Sqn USAFE Soesterberg 1954 – Academy/Airfix
Hawker Sea Hawk F-51 VSQ 860 on board Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman 1957 – Trumpeter
Hawker Sea Fury 123 VSQ 3 NAS Valkenburg 1964 - Trumpeter
Bolkow Bo-105CB – Italeri
- B-76 298 sqn GPLV 1975-1979
- B-43 298 sqn GPLV 1982
- B-40 298 sqn GPLV 1982 red-white-blue tail 75 years KLu
- B-37 298 GpH KFOR 1999
- B-40 298 GpH IFOR 1995
- B-71 298 GpH United Nations Dutchbat Yugoslavia

In the first place the set does not contain roundels, for which Dutch Decal refers to the separately offered set. As far as complete aircraft are concerned, the Sabre is complete and everything is also present for the two Sea Fury's. For the Curtiss CW-21/22 there is only 1 set of orange triangles and you miss a double yellow stripe. For the Bolkow you a lot of possibilities but ultimately lack the necessary inscriptions and characteristics. However, I must honestly say that I have not bothered to check it extensively, but for example 2 x the B40 you cannot put build the 2 B-40’s and you also need the extra Dutch Decal sheet
Note that this set also has a small decal part loosely attached, do not lose it with unpacking.

A decal set with many interesting topics. I like the fact that you can put together "personal" CW-21B Interceptors, that includes a story regarding the pilot. As a helicopter freak I am absolutely delighted with the Bolkows.
As far as I'm concerned, another valuable addition to the Dutch Decal series
Thanks to Dutch Decal for making it available for review.

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