Dutch Decal DD72099 Grumman Tracker, PBM-5A Mariner  English


Publisher: Dutch Decals
Decal sheet
Scale 1/72
Published: 2022
Price:  15,00 euro.

A lot of "Stoef" for your money as the Tracker was often called at the MLD, supplemented with a 2 Mariners.

Grumman S2F-1 Tracker MLD – Hasegawa/Revell
- 149 MLD 1960 delivery scheme, not accepted
- 159 MLD VSQ 320 NAS Valkenburg 1970 drone towing
- 166 MLD  VSQ 320 NAS Valkenburg 1970
- 160 MLD VSQ 4 Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman 1962
- 153 MLD VSQ 4 NAS Valkenburg. 1970
- 181 MLD Dutch Antilles Hato 1961
- 182 MLD Dutch Antilles 1961 grey scheme
Martin PBM-5A Mariner 16-308 VSQ 321 Biak 1955 – Hasegawa/Revell
Martin PBM-5A Mariner 16-306 VSQ 321 Biak 1959 – Hasegawa/Revell

In principle, you can put together 1 aircraft with the set, but the set offers you all the possibilities in terms of registration. With the Revell kit you can do a bit more but see if you can purchase it again. The Hasegawa is still available but is expensive especially for such an old model. I have not been able to find the Martin so quickly.

The set offers a good opportunity for a nice buildup of your model collection. I like the grey HATO Tracker.

Thanks to Dutch Decal for making it available for review.


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