Canadair NF-5A/B Royal Netherlands Air  Force  History, camouflage and  markings English

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Authors: Tim van Kampen and Luuk  Boerman
Publisher: Dutch  Profile
ISBN: 978-94-90092-35-1
Published  2022
 pages 63
 Target price around 14,95 euro.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force received 75 NF-5A single-seaters and 30 NF-5B two-seaters. The aircraft are built under license by the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Canadair. The aircraft had more powerful engines than the original F-5 and largely corresponded to the CF-5A and CF-5D that Canadair produced under license for the Canadian Air Force. The aircraft was purchased relatively late to  replace the F-84F Thunderstreak because the KLu had previously  counted on the purchase of more F-104G Starfighters through the Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP). Unfortunately, that did  not happen and the alternative to the Thunderstreak was ultimately the purchase of the NF-5. That turned out to be a golden opportunity.  It was the safest fighter aircraft the KLu has ever had in service.  Although the NF-5 within the KLu may have remained in the shadow of the Starfighter and later the F-16, it has clearly proven to be able to perform the tasks as a fighter-bomber for which it was purchased excellently.

 The publications of Dutch Profile (a successful spin-off of Dutch Decals) already have a respectable list of publications on Dutch aviation topics to their name. The Canadair (Northrop) NF-5A/B has now been added.
It takes me back to my first years as an aviation enthusiast/spotter. Seen a lot and certainly also photographed a lot. My first base visit to Twente Air Base  in early 1970 yielded the first flightline photos.

Many books have already been published about the Dutch NF-5s.  Cor van Gent 2 books, Flash also a profile and many articles in magazines where we as IPMS in Modelbouw In Plastic also made us very meritorious.  The subject is certainly not new, but still Dutch Profile has realized this edition.  For the sake of clarity, I do not know all publications about the NF-5 and as such simply look at this edition.

The edition has 64 pages, but these are divided into half Dutch and the other half in English. So actually, you will receive more than 30 pages of information and photos about the Freedom Fighter. The story of the NF-5A and B in a nutshell. It is not called "profile" for nothing.  However, the photo story continues in the edition from start to finish regardless of the language, which makes looking at pictures an important part of the publication as with all Dutch Profiles. The number of photos is vast. In addition to many NIMH photos, which not everyone will know again many photos from private collections.   
The Profile successively goes through the history of the NF-5 including the operation "High Flight" transferring the aircraft from Canada to the Netherlands, Command Tactical Air Forces (CTL), the squadrons, Special Units and the Demo teams.  
Four pages with side profiles and four pages with the technical description of the color schemes used. A complete list of all NF-5A and B's with all relevant data completes this publication

An excellent publication about the NF-5 in concise form for anyone who wants to get to know the history in word and image of this aircraft in service of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. I have come across many interesting facts in it. It is pleasantly written and reads nicely in a good layout. Very interesting pictures.  For modelers certainly interesting.  The complete English translation certainly makes it international interesting as well.
 All this at a very reasonable price.  A good addition to the Dutch Profile series.
Oh and yes for the attentive reader I have provided a reasonable selection of photos but have not been involved in any way in the publication and composition.


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