(Fokker) Hawker Hunter Koninklijke Luchtmacht/Royal Netherlands Air Force English

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Authors: Tim van Kampen, Gerard Boxem, Luuk Boerman
Publisher: Dutch Profile
ISBN: 978-94-90092-26-9
Year 2018/2022, reprint
39 pages
Price around 18,00 euro.

A reprint of the previously published Dutch Profile from 2016. Unfortunately, I do not know the first edition and therefore cannot compare, but undoubtedly this reprint will have extra, new photos and moreover it offers the possibility to come into possession of this Dutch Profile so many years later.
My memory from my childhood about the Hunter is that my father took me to an airport, probably Soesterberg AFB, we lived in Apeldoorn at the time. I was only a toddler 6-7 years old and did not see much so was hoisted on his shoulders by my father and saw a Hunter (he told me) landing and heard a very loud bang!  It turned out that the Hunter had a flat tire. The pilot stayed in control of the aircraft. The next time I saw a Hunter fly was years later while visiting the Royal Navy's Yeovilton Air Base.

This Dutch Profile talks about the Hunters of the KLu versions F.MK.4 and 6. Again like all others this version also consists of a Dutch and English part where the photos continue throughout the book.
All squadrons with the Hunter, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326 and 327 are covered and are briefly described, with fun facts and supported by photos. The Darling demo team of 325 is also covered. The personal experiences of different Hunter pilots give an extra dimension to the publication and of course the New Guinea period is discussed. Luuk Boerman is again responsible for the color profiles. At the end a complete list of all hunters and where they ended up. Interesting to read that we could find them in India, Qatar, Jordan, Chile, Iraq, Kuwait, and Oman.

This Dutch Profile certainly belongs in a collection of publications about the Royal Netherlands Air Force, many interesting photos, profiles, and the complete list of all Hunters. The history of the Hunter within the KLu is sufficiently portrayed by the authors in the limitation they have.  
I also estimate that with the increasing availability of material, there will still be a reissue within a number of years, a complete overview including the trainer.
To be clear, the 2018 reprint and the 2022 reprint are identical with the latter having a slightly different cover color.       

Thanks to Dutch Profile for making this review copy available.

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