Geschiedenis van de Camouflage en Kentekens
op vliegtuigen van de Nederlandse Strijdkrachten English

Authors: J.H.N. Greuter, M.T.A. Schep, L.H. Boerman, J.M. Bossong
Publisher: BV Bonneville
ISBN: 90-73304-57-1
Published: 1997
Pages: 281
Price: around 90,00 – 150,00 euro. (out of print)

I reviewed earlier the "KNIL bible" The History of Camouflage and Characteristics on Aircraft of Military Aviation of the Royal Netherlands Indies Army, a mouthful but also a book full.
After purchasing this book, I started looking for the predecessor, even if that was not known when it was published. That was not easy and cost me 120 euros on Marktplaats (the Dutch Ebay), but after all it is "out of print". Rightly priced or not this book does bring a huge amount of material. I'm glad I bought it.

In 6 chapters, the writers go through all parts of Dutch aviation history with a large number of appendices. A large number of sub-chapters expose even more of the history, but also paint schemes, camouflage, characteristics, inscriptions and what goes with it, and very extensive. Why did the Fokker D-21 have orange triangles, but also roundels, it is all explained in detail with royal decrees and all. Of course, the ML-KNIL is also discussed in detail here. There is no shortage of photos including a lot of color, well-known but also a lot of then unknown. In addition to many simple but handy schematic drawings, the book also contains a selection of color views by Johan Greuter and Luuk Boerman, the latter also took care of a large part of the layout. The title of the book says it all, elaborated in depth and in color discussed are roundels, flags, squadron tires, features inscriptions, squadron badges, and much more with the correct dimensions. The appendices also contain a wealth of extra information including additional drawings!  

I should have bought the book right at the time of publication then I would have saved money, but I am glad that I was still able to buy it. For model builders with the "specialization" of Dutch aviation a must. Being able to buy it at a reasonable price is a challenge It would be great if there is a reissue, part 2 or whatever updated to the present time, also with the now newly available material. 
Highly recommended if you can still find it!


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