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Dutch Profile Glenn Martin small
Dutch Profile Glenn Martin (2) small

Author: Max T.A. Schep
Publisher: Dutch Profile
ISBN: 978-94-90092-31-3
Published 2021
67 pages
Price around 18,00 euro.

With the release of the 1/48 model of Lone Star, this profile from 2021 suddenly became very topical again, where in itself it is an interesting aircraft from the Dutch aviation history. Especially the bright yellow and blue scheme will be known to many. In his KNIL bible (The History of Camouflage and Characteristics on Aircraft of the Military Aviation of the Royal Indies Army) author Max Schep of course already discusses the Glenn Martin, but in this profile he goes into depth. The history of the type at the various units is discussed, but also personal stories are recorded.

Max's long-standing interest and his thorough study and research into the ML-KNIL brings a wealth of photos from many sources published in the profile. The 67 pages already indicate that. The different color schemes are well represented by the drawings of Luuk Boerman, totaling over 6 pages. This edition, like all Dutch Profiles, is again bilingual Dutch and English, with the completion of the photos.

Certainly recommended given the extensive history of the type, but also for the modelers who can find a lot of details in it to embellish "a" model.
About the Lone Star model, which is "sold out" but on the Facebook page there are indications that it may be released again. Yes, I know it is resin, white metal and vacuform and dying expensive.
I read the book with great interest and looked at pictures. Max Schep guarantees quality

Thanks to Dutch Profile for making the review copy available       

Dutch Profile Glenn Martin (3) small
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